Today’s Tactical Awareness Summit

This event is for both veterans and professionals to civilians who want to be more empowered. This free virtual summit will teach you the skills you need to be more prepared in any situation.

Like you, I’m  a concerned civilian watching our world in chaos and our rights get curtailed, and I wanted to become more empowered to care for myself and my loved ones.

If you want to learn how to take better care of your family, be more aware of your surroundings, and learn about options and tools available to you, this summit is for you.

If you’re a professional in the industry, you’ll get access to true experts at the cutting edge of their fields.


This summit is designed for industry leaders and professionals, their families and loved ones to learn tools, techniques, and tactics to improve their safety and efficacy.



Joel Mason

Concealed Carry and Home Defense

Discussing Tools, holsters, situational awareness, habits to form, training

Joel Mason

Surviving Supply Chain Disruptions

How can we best prepare for supply chain disruptions? What are steps you can take to shorten your own supply chain?

Joel Mason

Situational Awareness

What is situational awareness? What do predators look for in their victims? What are three things someone can do immediately to make themselves less of a target?

Joel Mason

Mental Principles of Survival

How did you get involved in the survival and preparedness field? What is Live Free USA and what is its mission? What books have you in publication? What are your ten principles of survival? What is your “threat matrix” of hazards to life and freedom? What should citizens be doing beyond basic preparedness to protect life and freedom?

Joel Mason

Building Teams and Culture

Dave’s biggest challenge as a Naval Officer didn’t come in the cockpit of his F-14, made famous by the movie Top Gun, but rather as a leader of people. It was under the pressures of combat where he grasped how the right words at the right time inspire and not merely motivate people.

Joel Mason

Preparedness Skills

What’s more important in preparedness, skills or the latest gear? In my books I focus mostly on the personal and group skills you will need to survive a WROL/SHTF event.

Kim Steel

Weapons of Opportunity

Currently owner of Kim Steel and Associates, a real estate group located in Southern California. Marine veteran with 5 years active duty, 8 years civilian Department of Defense service, and a total of 39 months in OIF/OEF theaters of operation.

David J. Mathena

Violence avoidance

David J. Mathena is a freelance author, security consultant, and self-defense expert with 25 years of martial arts and self-defense training and real-world experience. He is the security director for Mizner Park in Boca Raton, Florida, Executive Director of Op Four Training Group, a security academy based in Destin, Florida, and the founder of the American Personal Safety Institute, an online self-defense academy which focuses on helping victims of bullying and domestic violence and their families respond to and cope with violence through nonviolent means.

Joel Mason

Preparedness Skills

Husband, Father, Fire Fighter, Soldier, Business director, Wilderness Skills and Urban Preparedness Instructor.

Toby’s unique fusion of teaching background, risk management qualifications, military training and outdoors experience allows him to deliver Wilderness and Urban Survival Skills training of the highest calibre.

Kim Steel

The three realms of Emergency Preparedness

Joseph Pred has a wide background in safety, emergency, risk, and incident management, and has been a licensed EMS provider since 1994. He also has a host of specialized emergency response training, including from POST, NWCG, and FEMA. Additionally he has training and experience in crisis intervention, mental health, law enforcement, emergency communications, hazardous materials, and fire fighting.

Maury Abreu

How to Defend Yourself From Any Attack

Maury Abreu is the CEO and Chief Instructor of Omega Protective
Concepts, LLC. He and his team equip others for success against violence from every form of attack and in every environment. He leverages more than 25 years of combined Military, Law Enforcement, and Counterterrorism experience to instruct civilian, police, and military personnel in personal-defense systems. He also designed multiple mission-driven knives that outfit some of the most competent operators today.

Kelee Arrowsmith

Changing the way you think about YOUR Safety

Kelee has been presenting workable personal safety solutions for the past 20 years, both in South Africa and abroad. Through simple yet highly effective talks and workshop programs, personal safety expert Kelee provides a variety of world class solutions that equip listeners with the means to effectively protect themselves and each presentation is loaded with practical ideas, methods, and tips that men and women can use immediately

Mark Human

Hostile Environment Confrontations

Mark Human is currently based in Cape Town South Africa. For MDW and Personal Safety- Mark is tasked with quality control, research, testing, development and presentation of training programs for private citizens, law enforcement, security and military personnel.

Uncle Zo

The "Good Enough" Fallacy

Uncle Zo is just a guy who got into guns for same reasons other folks become first time gun owners. Curiosity sparked by gun ownership has led him down many firearm related activities including hunting, competitive shooting sports, and armed self defense. Over the past few years, Uncle Zo started a blog with the hope of helping soon to be and existing gun owners find good information to aid gear procurement and skill development decisions while avoiding common mistakes people make.

Kelee Arrowsmith

Bugging Out - What, Why, and How

Karen is a survivor. She survived her house getting hit by a tornado. She survived living in the middle of Ferguson, MO during the Ferguson riots. The homeschooling mom of five even survived an attack by a man with a knife during chess club at a local public library.

Mark Human

Concealed Carry Firearms Competency

Steven is a retired Senior Federal Air Marshal (FAM), who has served within the U.S. Government for over thirty years in various Military and Law Enforcement capacities. Steve began his employment with the FAM Service in the wake of September 11th, 2001, where he was assigned to mission operational aviation counter-terrorism duties, world-wide.

Uncle Zo

Firearms Training for Civilians

A graduate of Michigan State University, Paul’s background includes 25 years of law enforcement experience and almost three decades of experience in training and martial arts. Paul developed and oversaw the Training Division of one of Michigan’s largest agencies before he retired at the rank of lieutenant from the Lansing (MI) Police Department.

Marty Lee

Self defense tactics

Marty is lifelong martial artist who has trained intensively in several different traditional martial arts
However, his personal journey to find a system that enables the average person to develop functional, usable, personal-defense skills in the shortest possible time led him to a system called Martial Blade Concepts (MBC).

Mark Human

Krav Maga

Tammy McCracken is owner & Global Solutions Director of Personal Defense Industries (PDI). As PDI’s owner, she serves as program director for Kore Self-Defense & Krav Maga, the company’s Northern Virginia training center.

Mark Human

Workplace Awareness

Randy’s perspective and confidence were shattered when he survived a stabbing, while attempting to deescalate a violent situation while he was employed at an Edmonton club as Head of Security. Randy realized that the old ways did not serve as a functional platform for self defense and he became determined to redefine the self defense industry.


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